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By Godfrey Olukya 19-9-2012

The African Union Mission in Somalia has received it’s second Formed Police Unit (FPU) comprising of officers, women and men from Nigeria.

The FPU from Nigeria will join another unit from Uganda which is already on the ground after arriving there two months ago.

The Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission (SRCC) for Somalia, Ambassador Boubacar Gaoussou Diarra has described the arrival of the second AMISOM Formed Police Unit as a clear demonstration of the AU’s continued commitment to supporting the Federal Republic of Somalia in its endeavor to improve the security of the country especially in areas liberated by the Somali National Army with the support of AMISOM.

He said, “I wish to sincerely extend my appreciation and that of the Commission of the African Union to the government and people of
Nigeria for honoring the pledge of deploying a Formed Police Unit which will go a long way in our effort of supporting the people of
Somalia as they strive to improve security in their country. ‘

He added that Nigeria already has Individual Police Officers (IPOs) in Somalia and the deployment of FPUs clearly demonstrates its strong commitment to peace and stability not only in Somalia but also the entire continent.

The AMISOM Formed Police Units will play a crucial role of ensuring improved security in the liberated areas through Public Order
Management, provision of VIP escorts and providing protection to IPOs to co-locate with the Somalia Police Force (SPF) in as many police stations as possible to train and mentor their SPF counterparts.



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