Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

During the Future of Media Exhibition (FOMEX) held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Media Minister Salman Al-Dosary unveiled the ‘Saudipedia’ digital platform on Monday. This initiative is an integral component of the Saudi Media Forum’s agenda and aligns with the broader Human Capability Development Program under Vision 2030.

The launch event witnessed the presence of key dignitaries, including Abdullah Al-Swaha, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, alongside representatives from various Arab and international media establishments. ‘Saudipedia’ emerges as a pivotal tool aimed at enriching knowledge about the Kingdom, serving as a reliable and comprehensive reference point.

Part of its mandate is to disseminate credible information in an encyclopedic format, utilizing best practices in design and content curation. With ambitions to evolve into the foremost repository of Saudi-centric knowledge across multiple languages, ‘Saudipedia’ underscores the nation’s commitment to fostering global understanding and appreciation of its heritage.

Minister Al-Dosary articulated the significance of this milestone, asserting, “Today, we lay the foundation for the Saudi encyclopedia ‘Saudipedia,’ advancing toward the pillars of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s vision.” He emphasized the platform’s role in portraying Saudi Arabia’s multifaceted identity, encompassing its rich history, cultural nuances, and societal achievements.

Highlighting the platform’s scope, Al-Dosary outlined its comprehensive coverage of cultural, social, economic, political, geographical, and historical facets. ‘Saudipedia’ integrates text-based content with multimedia elements, ensuring a dynamic and immersive learning experience. Furthermore, it commits to regular updates, reflecting the Kingdom’s evolving narrative and showcasing its diverse cultural tapestry.

As Saudi Arabia continues its journey of transformation and global engagement, initiatives like ‘Saudipedia’ underscore the nation’s proactive approach towards leveraging digital platforms for knowledge dissemination and cultural exchange. This launch marks a significant step towards fostering cross-cultural dialogue and promoting a deeper understanding of the Kingdom’s heritage and aspirations on the world stage.

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