Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

ISLAMABAD – Interior Ministry approved the special recommendations of supersize passports in Pakistan, according to state official News Agency, “By increasing the number of pages”, both on green and red passports.

Interior Ministry stated, “The government has been considered by increasing the number of pages of passports to 180 pages.

“Currently we categorized as (i) MRP Official booklets (36 pages) and (ii)  MRP Official booklets (72 pages).”

It is stated that Official passports of 72 pages were entitled to those who frequently travelled and justified the need of more pages’ booklets on receipt of their special approval by ministry.

Pakistan Security Printing Cooperation (PSPC) clarified that International Standards must have its specific security features.

It is informed by ministry, “The front page of passport is printed by German printer with special security ink. This ink is designed only for passport printing.”

Furthermore, after printing that passports, they would be laminated with Special Security Lamination.

However, government had allowed that procedure which would be expedient for ministers, businessmen and delegations.





















Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari


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