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Astronaut Peggy Whitson has reportedly returned to Earth on Saturday, 2nd of September. In aggregate, Whitson has sent 655 days off the Planet. This feat, according to the Hindustan Times, wrapped for Whitson a record-breaking flight that catapulted her to first place for US space endurance.

In addition, Peggy Whitson set multiple other records while in orbit –she became world’s oldest spacewoman, at age 57, and the most experienced female spacewalker. According to feeds, she also became the first woman to command the space station twice following her launch last November.

There is so much celebration around her return because she has exceeded any other American and any other woman worldwide. On her last mission alone, she spent 288 days off the planet.

Describing the return, Hindustan Times disclosed that Peggy was warmly received in Kazakhstan about sunrise on Sunday. “She checked out of the International Space Station just hours earlier, along with another American and a Russian. Their Soyuz capsule landed in Kazakhstan shortly after sunrise Sunday — Saturday night back in the US.

“Whitson was the last one carried from the Soyuz. She immediately received a pair of sunglasses to put on, as she rested in a chair on the barren, wind-swept Kazak steppes. Medical personnel took her pulse, standard practice. She then received a bouquet of flowers with the greeting: Welcome back, Peggy.”

Returning cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin logged even more time in space: 673 days over five missions while NASA Astronaut Jack Fischer returned after 136 days aloft.   According Hindustan Times, with this return, Yurchikhin is now No. 7 on the world’s all-time endurance list, followed by Whitson at No. 8. The top spot belongs to Russian Gennady Padalka with 879 days in space over five flights.

Whitson described her final days off earth rather sluggish, unlike her early days, she acknowledged longing for home and family. ‘Except for the past week, Whitson said her mission hurried by. She’s hungry for pizza and can’t wait to use a regular flush toilet again. She’s also eager to reunite with her husband –Clarence Sams,’ Hindustan Times stated.














Correspondent: Ridwan A Olayiwola


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