Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

The world is turned and twisted on the head in a number of ways. In the medical world alone, there are numerous complications needing serious attention. Sickle Cell Disorder is one of those complications. The world may have to keep battling with this as we have not finally eradicated it.

In recent past, individuals, groups, government and voluntary organisations have opt in to advocate and support the cause towards managing the disorder. In the News today, another company (Midwestern Oil and Gas Limited) has stepped in to help this cause with their donation to the Sickle Cell Advocacy and Management Initiative (SAMI), a non-governmental organization with the mandate of improving the lives of Persons living with Sickle Cell Disease.

While presenting the donation, Feyisara Obayemi, standing in for the Executives of the company, noted that Midwestern Company is delighted to reckon with SAMI, for the mandate they have chosen to advocate for. She stated that the donation is their way of contributing to support the fight against the disorder.

“Midwestern is very proud to be associated with a platform like SAMI. Our partnership with SAMI is a practical demonstration that we empathize with people living with sickle cell and we are ready to contribute our quota towards fighting the condition.”

Toyin Adesola, Founder of the Organisation, recieved the donation on behalf of her team. She acknowleged the kind demonstration from the Company, thanking them for deeming it fit to associate with them. According to Vanguard Newspaper, SAMI commenced her operations in 2008 and has recorded success in helping a number of persons living with the disorder.

“SAMI commenced operations in 2008,” and has since “been touching the lives of people living with sickle cell across various parts of the country through the monthly medical outreach programmes,” Vanguard Newspaper reports.

The organisation has been reported to be in the front line supporting sickle cell anemia patients through Advocacy and “by giving support such as XTRA CARE free clinic (a monthly free clinic), paying of school fees, and house rents, amongst others”.

Many have described the donation from Midwestern Oil & Gas Company Limited as a morale boost for the SAMI organisation. They acknowledged the group’s kind assistance in ensuring that Sickle Cell Persons finds comfort and live a fulfilling life.


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