Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Dear friends:

To Gambians home and abroad, today could not have come soon enough-celebrating a true national freedom from dictatorship and colonial terrorists.

Please join us in ushering a new and futuristic era of independence, peace, progress and continued tourism and capital investment into the ‘Smiling Coast’ of The Gambia.

Congratulations to all Gambians and people of good will who have been making tremendous sacrifices to see this day become a reality, especially the freedom fighters killed, jailed or forced to flee.

We congratulate H. E. President Adama Barrow, his family, his administration personnel and all civil servants of The Gambia. Long Live The Gambia! Long Live Democracy!

Now is the time to rebuild, reeducate, retrain, recommit, rejuvenate, and rejoice the beauty of our Island. Let us now invest and develop our nation to quickly eradicate poverty and illiteracy so we can reverse the nation’s brain drain.

I would also suggest to the new government to provide a protected class of investors/entrepreneurs for Gambians abroad, like myself, so we can gain confident in starting innovative enterprises to help grow our nation. God bless! #newgambia


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