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By Godfrey Olukya 25-1-2017

In the just released global graft perceptions index 2016 by Transparency international, East African community member states have proved to be very corrupt as most of them have scored worst indices of between 24% and 11%.

Easy African community is made up of Kenya,Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan.

While releasing the report today at transparency international Uganda head offices in Kampala, the board chairman, John Mary Odoi and the executive director,Peter Wandera highlighted that South Sudan scored 11%,Burundi 20% Uganda 25% Kenya 26%,Tanzania 32% and Rwanda being the best with 54%.

Wandera compared to countries like Denmark and Newzland which scored 90% hence the visible high levels of development in such countries compared to the lowest development levels among East African countries.

Wandera said,”There can not be development when there is such high levels of corruption.”

Officials at Transparency international Uganda have called for the East African countries to put in place anti graft legislation coupled with ending the habit of empty promises by politicians as well as dealing away with the rampant inequalities among citizens.

East African countries are estimated to be losing over 2 billion US dollars annually due to corruption tendencies which money is almost equivalent to that given to those countries by development partners annually.



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