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By Godfrey Olukya 19-1-2017

The researcher of an International NGO, Human Rights Watch (HRW, Ida Sawyer who had been sent away by authorities in Democratic republic of Congo over allegations of undermining the government has been allowed to return and continue with her human rights related work.

In August 2016 Congolese authorities refused to renew her visa, forcing her to leave the country. Ida Sawyer has said on her twitter that she is very happy about the development.

She said on her twitter, “I am very happy to be back in DR Congo after a long period of absence due to the cancellation and then the non renewal of my visa last August.” She has promised to continue with her of fighting for human rights and urged the government to respect human rights.

She said “While I was again allowed to stay in DR Congo, I hope this reflects a wider effort by the government to respect the freedoms of expression, association and assembly and that other human rights activists will be free to do their job without hindrance.”

In a statement released by government on Ida Sawyer’s departure from the DRC, the Directorate-General for Migration (DGM) explained that the HRW researcher was in possession of two valid visas which is contrary to the law.

This decision had provoked many reactions. The US State Department said it was very concerned about the decision of the DRC government not to renew the
Visa” of Ida Sawyer, who had been working in the DRC for HRW since 2008.



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