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By Godfrey Olukya 16-1-2017

Bush-fire has destroyed nearly 10 km² of savanna near the town of Zongo and its surroundings, in Democratic republic of Congo South Ubangi province burning down over 110 houses and leaving over 1200 people homeless.

The fire started yesterday and was still burning today.

Police said that the fire was likely started by people who were hunting for wild edible animals. Stéphane Mopila, the area local leader said that the hill of the plateau of Ubangi which faces the city of Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, is currently bare after all the grasses there being burnt up by the bush-fire.

He also pointed out that these bushfires have burnt fields of corn, cassava and peanuts as well as some dwellings of the peasants of the country.

“Households that have lost homes and fields spend the night under the stars,” said Zongo’s president of civil society.

He appealed to the country’s authorities and aid workers to help those affected.

”Even young people trained recently in bush-fire-fighting techniques by the NGO called ”Action of Young Volunteers for Sustainable Development ”are helpless in the face of this phenomenon.” he said.



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