Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

To me, Donald J. Trump has been the most unsuitable face of this nation since I immigrated to the United states during the presidency of Ronald Reagan, if not ever. He has adopted a principle-less approach to politics. His philosophy is to say anything, do anything and attack anyone who disagreed with his childish manifestations, and demand us to move on and forget about it all. To him, winning justifies anything and everything.

It behooves me however to have witnessed a day when we see some of those who professed morality and are preaching the messages of Jesus (PBUH) to embrace such an immoral, principal-less, misogynistic, xenophobic, classist, racist bully who give a damn about anyone who refused to sing phony praises in his egotistic face.

Unfortunately his elevation to the presidency (the highest seat of power in the world) shall be an enduring legacy of embarrassment and betrayal of the Judeo-Christian pride of this union most people wants to call home. Predictions of him changing his childish ego as he rises to the political ladder have all failed.

This election left me so personally frustrated seeing this marvelous nation being led by such a self-centered person with zero tolerance for decency. Therefore as a proud American, I stand firmly in my rejection to normalize his unsuitably to be the face of the greatest nation under the Sun. I’m sorry. I’m not there yet… #trumptainment #notthefaceofthisnation #werefusedtoyieldtoevil #irefuesedtonormalize


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