Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Dear friends.

This is a friendly reminder.

For those of you who professed strong love of God, let that love be reflected on His creation. Because no one loves the Creator and hates His hand made beloved trophies. Human beings are God’s handpicked ambassadors on earth, therefore harming and hating them is a direct disdain for the One who appointed them.

For those of you who professed strong love and admirations for ancient and contemporary leaders (religious, political, military, philosophy, economic, scientific, humanitarian, etc.), show that strong love and admirations to the people who will be in their places in the future today. Nothing is more hypocritical than to celebrate the lives of Dr. King and Gandhi, who both had low support from their own people and were both victims of hateful assassination. If you love them, take care of the people they sacrificed their lives for and continue the missions that cost them their lives. Do not be cowards in your admirations. Do not be dead-lovers and living-haters. Bring the flowers now not at the funerals and anniversaries.

If you would like to see better tomorrow than yesterday, make that happen today. Prayers and wishful desires alone are the tool of the lazy, ignorant and those ungrateful to God who provided necessary capabilities needed to make things happen.

Another word, unless you act now to improve the quality of life for all as well as being the source of mercy to all your neighbors near and far, your professed love and admirations are nothing more than rehearsing fanciful tales, like most congregants do. Love now. Admire now. Celebrate now. Give flowers now. Take action now. God bless you all! Happy Peace December #peacedecember


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