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By Godfrey Olukya 20-12-2016

Muslim parents in Africa and the world at large have been advised to always take their children to schools which teach the Koran as a way of boosting Islamic faith..

The advise has been given by Sheikh Abbas Kisalu of Tanzania while at a graduation ceremony of 40 children who completed Koran memorization studies at Dar-es-Salem Islam school.

He said that although it is good for children to study English and other academic subjects ,religious studies are also very important in child development.

Kisalu said, some parents think that in order for their children to get jobs after studies, they should concentrate on only academic studies, which is unfortunate.

Kisalu said, I am disappointed because many Muslims no longer take their children to Koran schools arguing that they will not get jobs after studies, which is not true.”

He said that experts say that children who undergo Koran studies experience few challenges and are more disciplined.

He also challenged Muslims who do not complete Takbir slogan and only stop at at Allah Akbar.

The graduates recited the Koran efficiently to the excitement of parents and guest who attended the occasion.



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