Mon. Jul 15th, 2024
Dear friends,
Why this much commitment and talk about Peace December? One may asked.
Because there are no options left for the righteous souls not to be moved to action.
For there are so many tears being shed by parents and loved ones for becoming victims of senseless violence.
Because so many of our precious children will never experience a graduation day, a job promotion day, a wedding day or any other day, for death and prison cages knock on their doors too early.
Because there are so many parents in inner cities who have lost multiple sons and daughters through preventable violence, especially gun violence.
Because as much as new wealth, economic transformation and social privileges has been generated in the last two decades for mostly younger generations by the Information Superhighway, their counterparts in inner cities unfortunately have not participated in it. Their experience is sadly the exact opposite.
For these and many other societal failures on our children causes our Peace December family to search for sustained solutions and socioeconomic equalizing tools. Crime and violence are hand in hand with poverty in our inner cities.
We dare not allow the gaps to continue to widen unchallenged or see more painful tears shed by responsible loved ones in our inner cities.
Please help us do something about peace and the prevention of violence in our inner cities during Peace December for our neighbors’ sake. Anything!
Thank you and God bless!


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