Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Dear friends and frenemies.

I’m grateful to God for enabling me to frustrate so many New Yorkers, many of whom are in the leadership positions in our violence-ravaged and impoverish communities. It is no surprise that a lot of them have been fighting back viciously mostly behind the scene.  As a lifelong community activist however, my beef has always been with the ills affecting my neighborhood and never with my critics because I need both friends and not so friendly critics for meaningful and sustained solutions. I’ve heard so many confessions from honest individuals who couldn’t (with consciousness) keep it to themselves about how my frenemies have tried so hard to undermine me and deter them from joining our daringly noble mission.  But I always look at it as a badge of honor when you’re the subject of envy for your unwavering commitment to empower your neighborhood. One thing is certain about New York City, particularly the Bronx County, every one of us is painfully and/or negatively affected by the persistent illegal drug activities, one way or another.

With that being said, I am suggesting all houses of worship, schools, politicians, NYCHA residents and all others to launch a Grassroots Revolution Against Illegal Substance Trade in our communities. Too many of our children are being cheated out of leadership that all children are entitled to. Too many of them are slaughtering each other primarily for lack of responsible, loving, righteous, and suitable parents.  Too many of our children are being left out of the most promising technical economies due to lack of sound education.  Too many of them will only know poverty, STDs, failure, servitude and dependency. Yet all of them have the same God-given attributes like children those youths in science labs researching the cure for diabetes, cancer or creating next google, facebook, apple computers, etc.  Thank about it!


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