Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Dear compatriots,


I would like to take this post-Eidal Adha (The festival of great sacrifice) occasion to wish you all a blissful, prosperous and peaceful year. Christians, Jews and Muslims celebrate Prophet Abraham’s faithfulness to God and his willingness to act according to that faith without conditions. Eidul Adha is therefore a celebration of Abraham’s unwavering commitment to sacrifice his only son Ismael, as per his dream (in the Genesis, it was Isaac) peace be upon them all.

I urge you all to use this momentous opportunity to make our world a more peaceful place we symbiotically coexist. We must see our diversity as a divine miracle that it is and to cherish and enjoy it to its fullest. Let us celebrate each other’s achievements and joyous experiences. To do that, we must learn to do two things daily; remove/prevent a burden from a person and enlighten a heart of another.  May God continue to bless us all!



This Friday is the Constitution Day. In light of the unusual political climate this nation found itself in for the past thirteen months, We’ve decided to hold a Public Reading of the Constitution to help average citizens understand more about this living document that so much depend on. To show the greatness of the Constitution, yesterday several immigrants and first generation immigrants have won legislative offices throughout the city.

Peacemakers Dinner

This Friday also happen to be our September Peacemakers Dinner. please join us with your teenagers or older children. God bless!


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