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Brooklyn, New York: Bangladeshi colorful street fair held in 2016 in Brooklyn .
Bangladeshi business organization in New York, “Church-Mcdonald Bangladeshi Business Association” (CMBBA), arranged street fair ( pathamela) on Sunday, August 28, 2016 in Brooklyn. This is a journey of introducing Bangladeshi festival and culture to new generation and to uphold Bangladeshi tradition to multicultural mainstream. The event’s media partners were Millenium TV, Total TV, RTV, Bangla vision.
The great event attracts thousands of different age’s people to enjoy. The popular TV host, Mr. Hassan Bulbul, helps the event to be inaugurated by the congresswoman Ivette D Clark by cutting ribbons and balloons. The event were attended by the councilman Brad Land, New York City Police Department’s South Regional Deputy, Mr. Charles, New York City Mayor’s Office of Special representative and Community Affairs Chief, Mr. Daniel.
The general secretary Mohammad El-Ali, treasurer Anowar Hossain, and convener A H Jaglu, member secretary Mohammad Mahab, Joint convener of the Committee, Mr. Mir Kasem, Fire Department Coordinator Mr. Karim, the president of the New York Association of Muslim police officer, Captain Adil Rana, Mr. Thomas came on stage for speech. The event celebration committee secretary Mohammad Mahaba said, “this is the biggest fair Bengali community arrange in North America. In addition it proves Bangladeshi culture is advance culture.”

There were also all kinds of local foods, the delicious jhalmuri, orange and lemon juice, the women’s gold-jewelry stores, bargaining shop, and the most popular artists in modern music, Rural folk, Bhatiali, Bhawaiya, sangitasaha indigenous folk songs filled the place in Brooklyn McDonald’s Area with colors and sounds. There were visiting popular artists from Bangladesh, Regia Parveen, and Salim Chowdhury. The special attraction was prize giving ceremony for raffle draw.


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