Sat. Jul 20th, 2024


By this critical time in our existence, there is a universal common understanding that there must be a united front in weeding out the growing viral evil infecting hate and disunity to everyone and is capable of wipe life as we know it off of this world soon. There has never been in our recorded history when a person had easy access to the deadliest most sophisticated mass slaughtering tools than today, and the indication of its growth is even worst.

If you have not join our ‘peaceful coexistence’ movement in your town, please do so now. We can never, ever yield to evil. Join us in denying devils any ability to carry out their evil acts anywhere on earth. We can no longer be divided by religion, race, politics or nationality in protecting our lives and liberties.

It is absolutely unfathomable for us to continue to allow a tiny groups of criminals to wreak havoc this many lives. We can’t continue to react to violence or believe our governments have it under control. Most violence and terrorism are sustained by our hypocritical governments who have already sold their souls to the same devil, because violent extremists do not manufacture weapons they use to slaughter innocent people. Our amoral governments have been shamelessly supplying sophisticated weapons to various criminal factions throughout the world. That is why there is not a thing they can tell us about terrorism that we should listen to. Their classified criminal actions never correspond with their lying public rhetoric. Our governments can immediately eliminate extremism by stop creating them for greed. ‪#‎peacefulcoexistence‬ ‪#‎werefusetoyieldtoevil‬

If you want to host ‘Meeting of Peaceful Minds’ to promote ‘Peaceful Coexistence’ among your peoples, we can help.


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