Sat. Jul 13th, 2024



Peace December family nationally and international will not acquiesce to co-existing silently with evil individuals capable of mass slaughtering their neighbors with pro-weapons laws enabling and sheltering them. Not on our watch!


Unlike covert actors, we’re overtly determined to eradicate senseless murdering of innocents. Whether the victims are targeted because of crewship, race, religion, culture, gender, ethnicity, socio-political belong, economic statues or personal relations choices.  It does not matter to us! People are born to live.


Take it for granted that once we recruit enough members to be able to remove any pro-violence politician beholden to criminal lobbyists, you would see how quickly gun violence fades away. That is the day when you see those behind the 2nd Amendment curtain to be championing Peace Amendment instead. As organized labor says it, “we do not have permanent friends we have permanent interests.”  That is a peaceful world.


We must not react to what we can collectively prevent. Join the Movement!

The lives, fortunes and future of hardworking Americans must not be in unchallenged control of lobbyists.  Have a peaceful day!


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