Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Since May 1, 2015, I have been re-reading about the history of these United States, particularly in regards to the enslavement of Africans and the policies of segregation; the treatment of native Indians, the immigrant groups and groupings, the treatment of women; the unequal access to education, finance, property, business opportunity, blind justice, politics, and all other citizenry entitlements denied or extremely restricted to some.

To be honest, some days I would cry in my privacy after reading certain stories of interracial rapes, false accusations of innocent inmates, racial mob lynching, brutal killings, racial humiliations, undignified treatments of human beings, auctioning of human families to higher bidder, visible demonstration of racial dominance, unethical medical experimentations on humans, abusive treatment of servants, and a complete disregard of basic human decencies towards others, etc, etc…

Sometimes I feel deep resentment of letting go of these injustices. Often times I believe the benefactors of this inhumanity must pay some prices. Sometimes I completely have no respect for our government that once justified/tolerated these inhuman policies and practices of the past and in some cases of the present.

After saying all this however, it has also reaffirmed that, truth always outlast falsehood, humanity is more in line with nature than inhumanity, justice is more powerful than unjust, love trumps hate any day, honesty is richer than corruption, generosity is weightier than selfishness, knowledgeable and ignorant can never be equal, and peacefulness shall forever dominate violence tendencies.

constitutionIn conclusion, I feel extremely blessed to know how flexible to accommodate necessary changes our constitution is, and how adaptable my compatriots are. I truly am honored to live in such an evolving and perfecting union. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else at this moment of my family life than in these blissful United States of America. Long Live The Ever Expanding Human Spirit Of My Compatriots. Long Live Peaceful Coexistence!


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