Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Response to Belgium Attacks – In the aftermath of the terror attacks in Belgium, the Mayor and NYPD moved quickly to step up security at NYC landmarks and transportation hubs. The Mayor slammed Sen. Ted Cruz’s call for indiscriminant patrols of Muslim neighborhoods in the U.S. In solidarity with Brussels, City Hall spent the week lit by Belgium’s colors.

NYPD Commissioner Bratton Pens Op-Ed on Cruz – Police Commissioner Bratton took to the pages of the Daily Newsto call out Cruz’s rhetoric, writing, “When people call the police, we rush to help them. When people break the law, we move to arrest them. But no, we do not single out any populace, black, white, yellow or brown for selective enforcement. We do not “patrol and secure” neighborhoods based on selective enforcement because of race or religion, nor will we use the police and an occupying force to intimidate a populace or a religion to appease the provocative chatter of politicians seeking to exploit fear…We police our city not by campaign slogans or inflammatory rhetoric, but by an old piece of parchment called the U.S. Constitution and another called the Bill of Rights.”

NYPD Efforts to Curb Slashings – In response to a recent uptick in slashings, the NYPD has beefed up patrols on the subway system and outside of nightclubs and other identified hot spots. The effort, dubbed “Operation Cutting Edge,” also includes the creation of a specific crime category for slashings, allowing NYPD officers and CompStat to better target the spate of incidents.

DOE Unveils Web Portal on Water Safety – The City has unveiled a first-of-its-kind web portal allowing families and faculty to track the results of lead testing and protection measures in schools. NYC drinking water is of the highest quality, with strong watershed-to-tap measures in place that meet or exceed EPA guidance. Lead poisoning among NYC children has declined 80% since 2002.

First Lady Encourages Tax Prep – First Lady Chirlane McCray encouraged New Yorkers – especially women and mothers – who earn $62,000 or less to file their taxes for free using NYC Free Tax Prep. Studies show that women not only earn less than men but are also more likely to be single parents with non-traditional employment and more expensive tax prep requirements, putting them in position to benefit most from free tax preparation and important tax credits like the Earned Income Tax Credit and the NYC Child Care Tax Credit.

Homeless Prevention & Advocacy for Survivors of Domestic Violence – Survivors of domestic violence who have fled their homes to keep themselves and their families safe do not currently qualify for emergency rental assistance allocated to those facing traditional evictions. The Mayor and HRA Commissioner Steve Banks are lobbying state lawmakers to change that so these vulnerable New Yorkers have a safe place to live and aren’t forced into the more costly shelter system. The administration is also lobbying Albany to update the rental assistance rate for the first time in a decade. The current monthly rate lags nearly $500 behind federal housing cost guidelines for New York City. If the State were to approve the Mayor’s request to expand eligibility and update the rental assistance allowance, more than 1,600 families could move out or altogether avoid shelter next year.

Chewing Tobacco Ban at Baseball Stadiums – New York City is poised to become the fourth American city to outlaw chewing tobacco at professional stadiums. The Mayor announced on ESPN that he intends to sign recently passed City Council legislation that will ban players’ and fans’ use of the substance at ticketed sporting events, including college games.


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