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To All Interested Parties:

Industry Notice #15-48
November 09, 2015

For Immediate Release

The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) wishes to inform its licensees that it has published the list of medallions that will be entered into the accessibility drawing to occur on November 24, 2015.

This accessibility drawing will be limited to those unrestricted independent medallions with vehicles that are scheduled to retire between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019. The drawing will occur in two parts: the first part for medallions with vehicle retirement dates between January 1, 2019 and June 30, 2019; and the second part for medallions with vehicle retirement dates between July 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019.

The medallions selected in the drawing will be required to place an accessible vehicle into service when their current vehicle is retired (first retirement cycle). The medallions not selected in the drawing are not required to place an accessible vehicle into service when their current vehicle is retired. However, each medallion’s accessibility requirement will alternate during each subsequent retirement cycle. For example, those medallions not selected in this drawing will be required to hack up an accessible vehicle in the next (subsequent) retirement cycle.

The medallions selected in the drawing will be required to place their first accessible vehicle into service when their current vehicle is retired (first retirement cycle). The medallions not selected in the drawing are required to place their first accessible vehicle into service after their next vehicle retires.

Each medallion’s accessibility requirement will cycle so that after the first accessible vehicle retires, every other vehicle must be accessible.

The drawing will be conducted at the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission offices located at 33 Beaver Street, 19th Floor, New York, NY 10004 at 10:00 A.M.  We encourage all interested parties to attend.  For those unable to attend, real-time video of the event will be available at  The TLC will post results of the drawing on its website within twenty four (24) hours.  All medallion owners entered into the drawing will then receive a letter detailing the results of the drawing and next steps.  The TLC will soon be providing detailed information about funding programs available to eligible licensees to assist with vehicle conversion costs.

Please see the TLC website or below for the complete list of medallions in this drawing:

Drawing A – Independent unrestricted medallions with vehicle retirement dates between 1/1/19 – 6/30/19

1A26 1K55 1Y70 2J38 2P82 3D96 3N34 4D41 4L68 5E42
1A41 1K56 2A26 2J41 2P84 3E23 3N55 4D57 4L79 5E59
1A55 1K62 2A41 2J43 2P85 3E38 3N84 4D61 4N11 5E67
1A57 1K78 2A54 2J44 2T18 3E45 3N90 4D63 4N17 5E77
1A61 1L10 2A70 2J45 2T29 3E66 3N91 4D65 4N54 5E87
1A69 1L11 2A77 2J46 2T34 3E69 3N94 4D78 4N66 5F13
1A87 1L43 2A79 2J49 2T56 3E76 3N95 4D86 4N78 5F24
1B11 1L47 2B28 2J61 2T59 3E80 3N96 4E34 4N85 5F96
1B12 1L48 2B30 2J73 2T61 3E93 3N97 4E45 4N95 5G84
1B18 1L83 2B89 2J86 2T69 3F67 3P27 4E51 4N99 5G93
1B74 1L84 2C17 2J87 2T77 3F72 3P29 4E63 4P18 5H89
1B91 1M28 2C62 2K10 2V65 3F75 3P30 4E77 4P22 5H94
1C31 1M54 2C75 2K12 2V90 3G39 3P45 4F27 4P23 5H95
1C49 1M75 2D28 2K17 2W22 3G48 3P55 4F48 4P60 5J22
1C52 1M89 2D46 2K23 2W25 3G65 3P56 4F69 4V10 5J39
1C84 1M90 2D53 2K29 2W30 3G93 3T11 4F76 4V11 5J41
1C85 1M94 2D54 2K47 2W35 3H65 3V73 4G34 4V32 5K45
1C97 1N32 2D64 2K68 2W39 3H77 3Y15 4G57 4W86 5K71
1C99 1P21 2D65 2K91 2W49 3H78 3Y26 4G74 4Y22 5K72
1D21 1P37 2D66 2L11 2Y35 3H79 3Y27 4G93 4Y23 5K74
1D63 1P46 2D71 2L35 2Y39 3J48 3Y49 4G94 5A15 5K77
1D91 1P66 2D82 2L50 2Y43 3J68 3Y50 4H19 5A36 5K98
1E14 1P69 2D99 2L53 2Y45 3J98 3Y51 4H23 5A61 5L25
1E45 1P99 2E10 2L57 2Y98 3K18 3Y65 4H30 5A91 5L32
1E59 1T11 2F14 2L69 3A31 3K50 3Y70 4H74 5B30 5L52
1E89 1T19 2F31 2M12 3A39 3K54 3Y75 4H79 5B38 5L65
1E99 1T57 2F85 2M15 3A64 3K92 4A14 4H82 5B43 5L66
1F49 1T77 2F89 2M29 3A73 3K94 4A17 4J22 5B59 5L67
1F93 1V42 2F99 2M32 3A76 3L21 4A48 4J34 5C10 5L98
1G91 1V80 2G47 2M33 3A94 3L69 4A71 4J38 5C19 5M24
1H11 1V81 2G53 2M76 3A96 3L98 4A77 4J59 5C25 5M25
1H12 1W22 2G54 2M77 3B58 3L99 4B12 4J60 5C64 5M37
1H24 1W25 2G66 2M89 3B68 3M12 4B45 4J78 5C67 5M52
1H55 1W30 2G89 2N10 3B71 3M17 4B80 4J95 5C88 5M70
1H56 1W31 2H20 2N12 3B86 3M21 4B85 4K10 5D15 5M92
1H57 1W47 2H25 2N39 3C64 3M33 4B91 4K28 5D20 5N10
1H69 1W48 2H26 2N40 3C70 3M35 4C10 4K32 5D26 5N11
1H93 1W52 2H27 2N42 3C73 3M45 4C38 4K39 5D45 5N12
1J41 1W73 2H37 2P20 3C75 3M46 4C44 4K80 5D56 5N22
1J57 1W80 2H41 2P26 3C92 3M47 4C50 4K88 5D58 5N23
1J60 1W81 2H59 2P27 3D12 3M53 4C61 4L10 5D64 5N44
1J66 1W89 2H71 2P36 3D13 3M78 4C70 4L19 5D70 5N72
1J69 1W92 2H97 2P37 3D21 3M80 4C75 4L36 5D80 5N75
1J96 1Y51 2J14 2P55 3D48 3M82 4C86 4L48 5E15 5N77
1K40 1Y52 2J15 2P80 3D91 3M89 4C89 4L54 5E17 5N92
1K49 1Y66 2J27 2P81 3D95 3N10 4D36 4L67 5E36 5P31
5P51 6F40 6P61 7H23 7V19 8D97 8L27 9A68 9H26 9Y93
5P65 6F45 6P78 7H24 7V20 8E25 8L28 9A84 9H30
5P72 6F46 6P90 7H32 7V28 8E29 8L63 9A93 9H31
5P74 6F92 6V38 7H35 7Y24 8E31 8L91 9B22 9H93
5Y73 6G32 7A14 7H56 7Y25 8E54 8M11 9B24 9J14
5Y74 6G49 7A24 7H75 7Y27 8E76 8M20 9B42 9J65
6A18 6G65 7A48 7H77 7Y28 8F14 8M58 9B60 9J88
6A32 6G74 7A72 7H78 7Y36 8F27 8M61 9B69 9K83
6A37 6G87 7B27 7H79 7Y38 8F62 8M75 9B89 9L21
6A49 6H12 7B41 7H82 7Y39 8F73 8M84 9B90 9L30
6A56 6H75 7B55 7H88 7Y41 8F77 8M90 9B96 9L36
6A95 6J28 7B65 7H89 7Y42 8F93 8M94 9C60 9L40
6B13 6J29 7B84 7H93 7Y44 8G18 8M95 9C61 9L59
6B14 6J76 7C21 7J35 7Y46 8G22 8N24 9C75 9L85
6B20 6J89 7C24 7J78 7Y48 8G27 8N26 9C77 9L86
6B30 6K12 7C25 7J79 7Y58 8G29 8N29 9C78 9L99
6B37 6K33 7C47 7K87 7Y62 8G36 8N33 9D21 9M13
6B50 6K41 7C50 7L15 7Y64 8G58 8N38 9D48 9M22
6B56 6K44 7C73 7L21 7Y75 8G63 8N64 9D70 9M45
6B64 6K49 7C80 7L39 7Y81 8H17 8N98 9D76 9M70
6B65 6K59 7C82 7L58 8A17 8H34 8P14 9D88 9M84
6C16 6K60 7D23 7L66 8A48 8H38 8P15 9D90 9M85
6C33 6L15 7D37 7L68 8A53 8H41 8P36 9E12 9M95
6C45 6L16 7D49 7M19 8A89 8H42 8T15 9E26 9M97
6C57 6L35 7D50 7M54 8A90 8H45 8T22 9E33 9N18
6C76 6L47 7D57 7M59 8A94 8H52 8T24 9E35 9N30
6C83 6L81 7D75 7M98 8A96 8H62 8T26 9E36 9N31
6D17 6M17 7E12 7M99 8A99 8H82 8T28 9E51 9N34
6D19 6M18 7E36 7N14 8B51 8H85 8T36 9E53 9N64
6D31 6M19 7E62 7N38 8B66 8H89 8T43 9E80 9N66
6D38 6M44 7E97 7N42 8B79 8H94 8T49 9E82 9N80
6D45 6M49 7E99 7N50 8C13 8H98 8T62 9E88 9P43
6D49 6M50 7F13 7N52 8C27 8J14 8T63 9F18 9P52
6D58 6M55 7F37 7N60 8C45 8J39 8T73 9F20 9P57
6D60 6M70 7F43 7N85 8C66 8J40 8V90 9F27 9P70
6D88 6M96 7F66 7N88 8C79 8J57 8V94 9F30 9T31
6D92 6M97 7F76 7N96 8D14 8K33 8Y56 9F36 9T35
6E10 6N10 7F81 7P16 8D28 8K48 8Y75 9F37 9T58
6E19 6N14 7G49 7P21 8D36 8K50 8Y81 9F58 9T72
6E26 6N15 7G50 7P44 8D37 8K80 8Y87 9F70 9T83
6E27 6N27 7G56 7P56 8D45 8K84 8Y88 9F76 9V36
6E45 6P15 7G76 7P57 8D50 8K87 9A21 9F90 9V37
6E50 6P26 7G77 7P74 8D62 8K88 9A27 9F96 9V56
6E51 6P41 7G83 7T26 8D68 8L12 9A36 9G26 9V57
6F23 6P51 7G84 7T39 8D72 8L21 9A45 9G58 9Y15
6F34 6P60 7G85 7T42 8D87 8L22 9A60 9G67 9Y62

Drawing B – Independent unrestricted medallions with vehicle retirement dates between 7/1/19 – 12/31/19

1A84 1H42 2A78 2K85 3C13 3N26 4F35 5A39 5E80 5N96
1A89 1H59 2A82 2K89 3C28 3N46 4F51 5A46 5E83 5N99
1A98 1H97 2A97 2L99 3C44 3N70 4F67 5A47 5E96 5P77
1B17 1J83 2B38 2M11 3C55 3T24 4F71 5A49 5F19 5P78
1B32 1J92 2B60 2M35 3C71 3T28 4F72 5A60 5F44 5Y34
1B53 1K19 2B61 2M42 3D40 3T29 4F97 5A82 5F45 5Y35
1B60 1K20 2B71 2M69 3D59 3T46 4G29 5A88 5F53 5Y60
1B71 1K31 2B75 2M80 3D63 3T57 4G84 5A95 5F64 5Y63
1B89 1K60 2B83 2N41 3D71 3V18 4G85 5B14 5F70 5Y95
1B96 1L59 2B85 2N43 3D74 3Y33 4H11 5B31 5F75 6A21
1B97 1L71 2B96 2N44 3D75 3Y59 4H38 5B45 5G12 6A35
1B99 1L72 2C12 2N49 3D80 3Y89 4H39 5B52 5G45 6A63
1C24 1M39 2C29 2N59 3E21 3Y91 4H80 5B54 5G50 6A68
1C48 1M70 2C32 2N70 3E44 4A13 4J14 5B65 5G69 6A89
1C65 1N24 2C47 2N75 3E53 4A31 4J39 5B73 5G90 6B21
1C66 1N94 2C81 2N97 3E67 4A65 4J42 5B83 5J16 6B23
1C88 1N95 2C95 2P54 3E68 4A69 4J46 5B95 5J30 6B31
1C98 1P17 2D11 2P74 3E74 4A70 4J48 5C15 5J31 6B35
1D17 1P38 2D80 2P90 3E78 4A72 4J52 5C32 5J35 6B45
1D48 1P62 2D95 2T15 3E79 4A76 4J55 5C41 5J44 6B59
1D64 1P82 2E20 2T19 3E89 4B35 4J68 5C46 5J45 6B68
1D65 1T16 2E36 2T21 3F23 4B56 4J76 5C72 5J57 6B71
1D83 1T29 2E46 2T30 3F50 4B66 4K12 5C81 5J58 6B72
1E39 1T30 2E62 2T31 3F52 4B99 4K16 5D10 5J62 6B75
1E41 1T32 2E78 2T41 3F69 4C11 4K19 5D16 5J77 6B84
1E64 1T36 2F15 2T50 3F97 4C19 4K33 5D34 5J92 6B85
1E71 1T56 2F18 2T96 3G18 4C52 4K40 5D38 5K16 6B97
1F18 1T70 2F24 2V54 3G19 4C55 4K48 5D52 5K21 6C11
1F23 1T90 2F26 2V55 3G22 4C57 4K55 5D62 5K40 6C52
1F28 1V36 2F30 2W42 3G37 4C65 4K58 5D66 5K52 6C61


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