Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Armies in African countries have been advised by Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni to always emphasize discipline and health.

He said this while addressing Ugandan troops who had completed a refresher course.

While at the function, he congratulated the Uganda People Defense Forces(UPDF) for successfully conducting a combined arms exercise using different arms to get the best results in war, adding that this was a problem in the past and he had to write a lot of books about it.

“This has been very successful. Hongera! Some people don’t know much about war and use only one type of armour. You have used a combination and I am glad that you included it in your training,” he said.

The President said this while passing out Platoon and Company Commanders and Trainers of Trainers who have been undergoing a rigorous four months training course at Kalama Armoured Warfare Training School, in Kabamba, Mubende district.

“Fighting is like music. If you want good music, you must use different levels of sound and instruments. By combining different arms, you get good results. I congratulate you on this exercise,” Museveni said.

The president had just witnessed a spectacular military demonstration code named Kamilisha Uongozi (strengthen leadership) by the youthful commanders using tanks, infantry, and the air force to tackle and defeat an enemy force.

“Health and discipline  are very important. Look after your health. Health is wealth and it is important for you, your family and your country,” he said.

He acknowledged support by the North Korea and Slovakia trainers for passing on knowledge and also pledged to work with the commanders to develop the training sites, provide more space for training and dormitories.

The Deputy chief of defence forces Lt. Gen. Charles Angina hailed government and the  General Museveni for continuously providing training to the army as part of the professionalization process saying it is important for the soldiers to develop in military hardware and software in terms of skills and experiences.

“The UPDF has trained you to be better soldiers to serve your country better. Take interest in the vital assets of the country entrusted to you and always protect them and be effective and committed to your careers. You must keep healthy, you are great assests to this country,” he said.

The School Commandant Brigadier FC Chemo said the commanders were trained in operations (manoeuverist approach), design, maintenance, driving, map reading using leadership, gunnery military writing, military law and intelligence, organization, combat service support, law of armed conflict, counter insurgency, and internal security.

“It was also important to teach political education to the commanders for discipline towards citizens which has earned the UPDF a good name.

During the training two students were dismissed for indiscipline.


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