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Maoudo Kane, 49, was found shot in the head on 3412 Hunter Avenue in Eastchester the morning of Aug. 5th. Police responded to a call at 5:25 a.m. and found the victim dumped in the street, cell phone, and cab missing but his wallet intact. The cab was recovered 10 miles away in Mott Haven.

New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers is offering a $5,000 reward for info leading to an arrest in the murder.

Kane was a cab driver who had come from Senegal in 1997 to support his family back home in Africa. He lived in New York City with his brother, Moussa Kane, while they sent money back home.

“My brother was a good man,” said Moussa Kane outside the Harlem Islamic Cultural Center during the funeral held for Maoudo on Saturday morning, Aug. 9. Many people flocked to the mosque to pay their respects to the deceased.  He said that his brother was a hardworking man and that among the funeral goers he felt much love and appreciation.

Moussa Kane departed to Senegal with his brother’s body, where he will be buried.

Maoudo Kane had only been driving a cab for three months.


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