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At least seven people last evening were seriously injured when a bomb blasted in their midst in a restaurant in Tanzania’s northern town of Arusha over 500 kms north of Dar-es Salaam.

The bomb attack took place at an Indian restaurant which often hosts foreign tourists and wealthy Tanzanians. Among those injured were some foreigners.

A police officer in Arusha, Bob Kirenga, said that preliminary investigations have revealed that it was a locally made bomb.

He said that two Tanzanian nationals are being held for questioning after being arrested near the restaurant a few minutes after the bomb blast. So far no terrorists group has claimed responsibilty for the bomb blast.

“Seven people got injured when a locally made bomb was thrown at them through a window in a restaurant. They have been rushed to Arusha hospital for treatment,” said Kirenga.

He said that after the bomb there was chaos in the restaurant as people fled for their lives. The tables and chairs were overturned, glasses broken and blood spilled all over the floor.

Tourists who intend to travel to Kilimanjaro mountain and Serengeti National Park often first stay in Arusha town before proceeding to their adventures. It is common nowadays for terrorists in east Africa attached to Al-Shabab militants to attack areas where tourists assemble.

Last year over 80 got wounded in two incidents: one at a church and another at a political rally, when grenades were hurled in crowds.


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