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Being fired at from a mosque is the least Uganda police expected last night.

But the group of Uganda policemen who had gone to arrest a group of youth who were hiding in a mosque after attacking a nearby church and killing two people got shocked when it was encountered with sporadic gunfire.

Police responded by firing back it overpowered the suspected terrorists and arrested two of them as the others fled.

Uganda police spokesman, Fred Enanga said that last night some men attacked a Pentecostal church. The attack took place in Kyegegwa district about 300 kms west of the country’s capital Kampala.

He said, “a church was attacked last night and two people were killed. The attackers were wielding machetes,sticks and guns.girl and a man.

“During the attack several people were reportedly injured  and have been admitted in Kyegegwa hospital.

He said that at first police took it as a religious rivalry but later suspected that it could be terrorism. He said said when they followed the attackers and surrounded the mosque in which they were ,they were shot at. He said, “we thought that a mosque is for praying in and never expected guns to be kept there. But we were shot at and had to respond by firing back. We do not expect guns to be kept in mosques.”

He said they overpowered the suspected terrorists and arrested two of them. The rest fled.

“He said they suspect that those who attacked were ADF rebels who were recently defeated in Democratic republic of Congo. We are following them and will definitely arrest them.

Some residents of Kyegegwa have started fleeing their homes Residents of Kyegegwa have started panicking thinking that Boko Haram like attacks have started in the country.

Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria, who recently abducted over 200 school girls have of recent made attacks in which they have killed many people.


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