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Kenyans are becoming impatient over their government’s failure to protect them against massacres by suspected Al-Shabab militants. They have appealed to their president and government in general to try all that is  possible to stop the killings.

“The government is not doing enough to stop the killings. We have a big police force and an army well equipped. Why have they failed to eliminate the terrorists?” asked Amuza Omonye, a Kenyan local leader.

Over the weekend, over forty people people were shot dead near the coastal town of Lamu. Other attacks have followed in which over 20 people have been killed. Now most Kenyans are saying that enough is enough and the government should come out and stop the killings.

Although security agencies claim they have done all they can to stop the killings, most civilians think otherwise.They have criticized police for not reacting quickly enough even when the impending attack by terrorists are reported to them.

One of the survivors of the recent attack, Abdu Kisgnet said, “Before the terrorists attacked our village on Sunday, some people had got wind about the attack and reported to the police but nothing was done. Now I hear that the officers at the police station have been arrested but that will not bring back our killed people.”

But police chief, David Kimaiyo said that they have arrested some of those responsible for the killings.”We have arrested several suspects in connection to Mpeketoni attack including the owner and driver of one of the vehicles used by the attackers,” said Kimaiyo.

A teacher in coastal town of Mombasa, Gorge Were, said that even after killing 40 people during Sunday night, more other attacks have taken place not very far.

County Police Commander Hassan Barua confirmed that more attacks have taken place. He said that the raiders attacked Mukutani village in Baringo South and burned one hotel and four houses at 11 p.m. on Wednesday. He also said that the raiders went to the village and shot in the air before setting ablaze at least four houses and a hotel.

“We have dispatched officers to the area to deal with the situation. However, calm has been restored,” he said.


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