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By Godfrey Olukya   6-9-2013

1200 Ugandan Muslims are set to travel Mecca and Medina for Haj on the 29th of this month, Uganda Muslim Supreme council has confirmed.

Last year, Ugandan Muslims were denied going to Mecca due to Ebola disease that had hit the country and there were fears that if allowed they could carry the disease with them and infect other pilgrims.

The secretary for Haj at Uganda Muslim supreme council, Al-Haji Juma Shiwuyo said,” We have 1200 believers expected to go for the pilgrimage that will last for about one month.”

He said that most of those who never went last year will this time be going for the pilgrimage. He however called upon those who have already been registered to travel to Mecca to attend Hajj lessons  so that their journeys are successful.

He said, ”The Hajj lessons are very important because believers learn about what takes place during  Hajj and what they are supposed to do.”

He said that according to Islam, performing the Hajj is a fulfillment of the fifth pillar of Islam. All financially able Muslims are required to perform it during their lifetime.



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