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Adopt-A-Friend, Inc. has launched its new Community Peace Patrol Officer (CPPO) program in the Bronx, New York on March 26, 2013.

This program is all about crime prevention, not law enforcement. To ensure top notch professionalism and responsible operation, the program is being developed with support from the New York Police Department. The purpose is to create positive relations within the community, including bridging the gap between the community and law enforcement.

The practically of the  CPPO program will both enhance community policing and position interested participants in their future  law enforcement/community prevention related careers. The primary focus however is definitely crime prevention and providing the resources for constructive conflict resolution at the local level while making policing feasible using the bottom up approach.

The program includes directly interfacing with  community  members in providing referrals to community resources  in  all areas that would reduce one’s vulnerability  to  crime-related life style, these services will assist victims and potential victims in areas such as  housing,  substance abuse,  physical and/or sexual abuse, lack of career, education; criminal backgrounds, or helping to opening doors to credible opportunities.  More importantly, it is also an outreach program for other services and programs exist that other community members may not have the opportunity to be privy to.

The program is another initiative of a local community leader, Sheikh Moussa Drammeh and his partners.  They are also the originators of Peace December, a celebration of peace and tolerance which has now been recognized not only by religious and civic leaders, as well as the city administration in New York, but also in places around the world.

They have for years been strong supporters of positive community relations with law enforcement, recognizing that the first step towards problem solving is to own the problem, and take responsibility for it, and for the community to be willing to take action, instead of blaming others.  As always, they are not just talking the talk, but he is walking the walk, and leading from the front.  Subsequent to this first public action of this new all-volunteer service, a new website will be launched in the near future to provide extensive resources for the program, ranging from community resources (service providers) for various support, and counseling services, to operational support for the CPPO program itself, as well as ways to apply for assistance from the program. The Peace December calendar of events will be part of the program also, and so will other related public events.

Contact information for various partner organizations will be listed, from government, to police, District Attorneys, etc. Some these individuals, including Sheikh Moussa Drammeh have personally taken extensive law enforcement training over the last fifteen years, to gain a better understanding of the problems, and they have learned firsthand how positive community relations and prevention are the most important things a neighborhood can do to improve quality of life, and the local business climate.

The Community Peace Patrol Officers wear distinctly Kelly Green jackets/windbreakers, Kelly Green Caps and Navy Blue pants when patrolling.

All of Adopt-a-Friend’s activities are focused on creating a peaceful co-existence among all people, animals and the nature.


Community Peace Patrol Officers

2006 Westchester Avenue, Bronx,

New York 10462



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