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By Godfrey Olukya   12-2-2013

South Sudan soldiers are pursuing cattle raiders who invaded 3 villages in Jonglei state and killed 100 people, and wounded 57 others.

Authorities in South Sudan said that armed cattle raiders  invaded Walgak, Boung and Dirror villages in Akobo sub-county of Jonglei state and killed people before leading away unspecified number of heads of cattle.

The deputy commander of the army in Jonglei, Major General, Peter Gatdet Yat said, ‘Our soldiers are still following the attackers who headed towards Pibor County. I am sure we will get them.’

Eye witnesses said that the attackers were well armed and some were in military uniform. The thugs are suspected to be from David Yau Yau militia.There are still some 30 people including women and children who are unaccounted for since the attacks took place. Their relatives are still looking for them.

A local leader, Philip Deng said that the death toll is likely to rise since some of the wounded are in critical condition.

He said that the attackers ambushed some cattle keepers  while they were migrating from Boung to Sobat River, looking for water for their animals.



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