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By Godfrey Olukya     22-1-2013

Some fans at the ongoing Africa cup of nations in South Africa have caused confusion after they complained that the tournament organizers should slap a ban on women from getting near their players at Nelson Mandela bay Stadium.

They claim that women bring bad luck to their teams and they fail to win matches. A good number of Africans are still superstitious and believe that meeting a woman, as the first person on a trip brings bad lack.

The fans have even gone a step ahead by requesting employees of the stadium not to allow them occupy the ground floor where the changing rooms are located.

The fans who have reportedly complained about women are from Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo and Niger whose teams did not perform as expected in their first matches. Ghana drew with Democratic republic of Congo while Niger was beaten by Mali one goal to zero.

South Africa’s gender equality commissioner, Javu Baloyi condemned the ban. She said, ‘Women go to soccer matches to support their teams and not to distract players. Winning or losing games has nothing to do with women.’

A female soccer fan in South Africa, Anita Mbathilizi said,’ it is unfortunate that even in this modern era some people still believe in such backward manner. It is degrading to our dignity as women.

The organizers said that they got the complaints but are studying the situation before they react.



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