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By Godfrey Olukya    3-11-2012

Muslim girls in Africa, especially those in universities and higher institutions of learning have been advised to be accomodative of other religions and also respect and identify with their religion.

The advice has bee given by the director of Africa Muslim Youths Centre, Sheik Hassan Kato, while addressing Muslim girls from higher institutions of learning in Rwanda’s capital Kigali.

‘You should be proud of your religion, but that should not stop you from associating with colleagues from other religions.’ he said.

He told them to always seek treatment from only female doctors or Muslim doctors whenever possible to ensure that they are safe.

He said, ‘I am aware that there are not many Muslim doctors in most African countries. But our sacred law recommends same sex heath care. It is only when it is not available that you go to a medical worker of opposite sex.’

He warned Muslim students to always declare to institutions authorities that they are Muslims so that they do not risk being fed on pork.

Please always dress, behave, and express morals that befit Muslim girls.



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