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MALIKITE Muslim scholars from Sahel countries Niger, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Algeria, and Libya have chosen the occasion of hajj to call for peace in their respective countries where terrorists are active. They invited terrorists to cease fire and free Muslim and western hostages.

Theses preachers were addressing Aqmi, Mujao, and Boko Haram as they ask them to review their religious alignment and proceed to liberate hostages they hold. The preachers’ choice of Mecca to send the terrorists a message exhorting them to change their attitude and put an end to their practices which the Ulemas say  are in contradiction with Islamic principles and hinder the reputation of Muslim world.

These leaders known for their mastery of Islamic sciences succeeded to bring back lot of extremists to good practices. Sheikh Ould Showef director for Islamic orientation of Mauritania has the distinction of successful sensitizing of many youth from Mauritania. The Sheikh demonstrated the non religious nature of terrorism that causes Fitna and insecurity and serves the interests of enemy of Islam who uses this situation as an argument to divide Muslims. The Sheikh used a rationale essentially based on The Holy Koran and prophet Hadiths.

On their side, the preachers from Niger and Algeria invited the terrorists to join them in their efforts to stop Muslims and non Muslim blood shed in Muslim countries for triumph of peace and tolerance considered as inherent values to Islamic principles.

This call was consecutive to sensitization campaign held on behalf of local population about damages caused by Salafists actions against peace and development of Sahel region.


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