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By Godfrey Olukya 19-10-2012

The Muslim leaders especially the Imams have been advised to get onto social networks like Facebook in order to offer guidance to the youth.

The advice has been given by the chairperson of an organization called, Friends of Muslim Women in Uganda ‘ Hajat Amina Makumbi during
an Imams workshop on the importance of internet.

The workshop was organized by Uganda Muslim Youth Development Forum at
Hotel African in Kampala.

Hajat Makumbi said, ‘Many of our children are on the networks looking for information and job opportunities. If they are not guided by Imams on the same nets, they may end up being persuaded to do dubious acts for money.’

She said that extremists often take advantage of the youth in order to
spread terrorists’ propaganda.

She said that she is convinced that the Imams are the right people to positively influence Muslim youth because most of the leading terrorists in the world start as local Muslim leaders who indoctrinate the youth with radical ideologies .

An Imam facilitating the conference, Sheikh Hameed Nsubuga said, ‘There is need for Imams to be God fearing. They should also be of sound mind so that they do not get involved in terrorism.’

He advised the Imams to stop thinking that internet is only used by youths. He urged hem to use it in the fight against terrorism.



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