Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024


By Mariam Kanla

Even the 25% regularly registered customers of the magazine plus 40,000 copies regularly printed don’t sustain the magazine. For many years Charlie Hebdo had successively known crucial deficit in its budget.

The experts of France media are aware of the difficult financial estate of this magazine that is not the best defender of freedom of speech. The only time they had positive financial record was in 2006 when the magazine published twelve cartoons on the prophet. These cartoons had permitted the magazine to sell 480, 000 copies while maintaining a good rate of sale through this move since then. It has improved its regular impression to 80, 0000 copies.

In 2006, the company LES EDITIONS ROTATIVE who publishes Charlie Hebdo, has a very beneficiary financial record of almost one million Euro.

Is Charlie Hebdo defender of freedom of speech? This must be a practical joke. Cartoon on the prophet is before all an opportunity that brings raise in sale. Suing this magazine or processing to demonstrate against this shabby newspaper will only increase its popularity.


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